Our in-house sexologist provides safe and inclusive sex-therapy for individuals and couples.

You will be guided to explore any sexual concerns or curiosities in a confidential and non-judgemental space. Sex therapy begins with a thorough sexual health assessment to identify key issues and priorities, then involves a mix of person-centred counselling, sex education, skills development and tailored practical exercises. The goal of sex therapy is to help people improve their sexual wellness and intimate relationships, and lead more positive sexual lives.

Topics and themes discussed in sex-therapy include:

  • Increasing sexual satisfaction and pleasure
  • Low sexual desire and sexual desire discrepancy in relationships
  • Sexual pain and fear of pain leading up to sex
  • Navigating sex in the pre and postnatal period
  • Orgasm difficulty – no orgasm, early or delayed orgasm
  • Performance anxiety, sexual aversion and avoidance
  • Sexual communication – expressing needs & desires, setting sexual boundaries
  • Early ejaculation and erection difficulties
  • Increasing intimacy, safety and trust in relationships
  • Sexual identity issues

If you have a sexual concern that isn’t listed above, please get in touch so we can point you in the right direction.