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Pregnancy, Birthing & Postnatal, Parenting, Mental Health, Grief & Loss
Australian Breastfeeding Association  |

An organization dedicated to support, advocacy and education regarding breastfeeding. The ABA offers breastfeeding classes, links to pump hire and information about storage of expressed breastmilk.

Department of Human Services Families  |

The place to go to assess your eligibility for payments such as Parental Leave, Newborn Upfront Payments and Family Tax Benefits. Be sure to create a my Gov account and link your bank details to your Medicare card so that you can receive rebates for your appointments and scans.

Hey Baby!   |

Run by two Melbourne midwives, Hey Baby! offers Calmbirth classes, teaches Gentle Parenting and breastfeeding support. Both practitioners are lovely people whom we have worked with in the past and the Calmbirth approach is an effective means of managing many of the anxieties and fears about labour and birth

PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia)  |

PANDA is a national hotline where women seeking support for mental health issues in pregnancy and post-partum can contact a counsellor who can provide telephone support and referrals to local care providers. They also take calls from concerned friends and family members who want to know how best to support a mum in crisis and all of the calls they receive are confidential.
They have a brother site, to support Dads and expectant fathers too.

Pregnancy Birth & Baby  |

An Australian government website supporting parents on the journey “from pregnancy to preschool”. It includes a huge number of evidence based resources and an easy to use search function to find answers to your questions and a search function to find your local Maternal, Child and Family Health Services.

Raising Children Network  |

RCN is an Australian government supported site which provides scientific and well considered information on topics related to raising children from newborns through to teenagers. It acknowledges that in parenting there is rarely one right answer and always a huge number of differing opinions and looks at the many different approaches to dealing with problems. It has topics relating to common questions in pregnancy and normal newborn behaviour (including sleep routines).

Sands  |

Sands is the Australian miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death support association. Miscarriage or the loss of a baby is perhaps one of the most devastating experience a family could possibly experience. Sands provides a 24-hour support line, online resources and the ability connect with people in your area who have experienced similar grief and loss.

Pelvic Floor First  |

An initiative of the Continence Foundation of Australia, Pelvic Floor First is dedicated to preventing incontinence and pelvic floor damage brought about by unsafe exercise practices, especially during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Make sure to watch the guided video on performing Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises and read their recommendations on exercise in pregnancy and post birth. They also have an app!

Royal Children’s Hospital  |

The premier Victorian source of kid’s health information. You’ll find fact sheets about various childhood health conditions and a free app that provides access to their 300+ fact sheets from anywhere, at any time.

Gynaecology and General Health
Family Planning Victoria  |

Information about STIs (sexually transmitted infections), contraceptive options, gender and sexual identity and sex education for young people.

Health Direct – Women’s Health  |

An Australian government website with links to answers to many women’s health issues, ranging from breast lumps to endometriosis to urinary leakage. A great source of quality health information.

Jean Hailes Centre for Women’s Health  |

Named after legendary GP Dr Dorothy Jean Hailes, this is an Australian women’s healthcare, advocacy and research service. The website is a source of plain-language summaries of various health conditions, ranging from fertility to menopause and everything in between

The Women’s – Health Information   |

Another Victorian source of quality health information

Vulval Pain Society  |

A UK based charity organisation supporting women experiencing vulval pain and a source of information, podcasts and a facebook group supporting partners of sufferers. Includes personal accounts of experiences and helpful skincare advice.

Maternity Services

Cabrini Maternity Services  |
Jessie McPherson  |


Epworth HealthCare  |
Monash Health  |