Dora Pandeloglou

Dora Pandeloglou (she/her)

pelvic health + musculoskeletal physiotherapist 
managing director of Embrace Physio + Pilates

Dora developed a passion for Pelvic Health physiotherapy during her final years of University, undertaking her placement at the Royal Women’s Hospital. She loved the significant role that physiotherapy played in prenatal and postnatal recovery. Dora also developed a strong passion assisting women with pelvic health conditions including endometriosis, adenomyosis, sexual pain and menstrual pain.

Dora’s love for pelvic health grew when she was pregnant and gave birth to her beautiful son, Archie.

Dora uses a holistic and proactive treatment approach that combines hands-on therapy, dry needling, education and exercise therapy for optimal client-centred care. She strongly believes every woman should be pain-free and have access to high-quality services throughout all life stages.

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Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams (she/her)

pelvic health + musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Jessica is a physiotherapist who is passionate about helping people to feel strong and capable within their body. Jess’ interest in promoting pain free movement developed as an elite swimmer where her she became fascinated with exercise science and the way that the body can adapt in response to change.

This led to Jess studying swimming coaching, personal training and pilates instruction whilst at university and subsequently working with the general rehabilitative and sporting populations.

During her final years of University, Jess also developed a keen interest for women’s health and furthered her pilates training in this field. Jess now loves working with pre and post natal clients and combines her skills as an exercise professional with hands on therapy and education to promote positive client outcomes. Jess also believes that physiotherapy extends beyond the initial injury, and should also look to create sustainable lifestyle change that allows you to move freely for years to come.

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Chloe Cox

Chloe Cox (she/her)

pelvic health + musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Chloe centres her approach around individualised and patient centred care. She combines her knowledge of pelvic health and the musculoskeletal system to provide a holistic whole body treatment plan through the use of hands on therapy, dry needling, education and exercise prescription. Chloe has a special interest in pelvic and sexual pain concerns and is passionate about arming pre and postnatal patients with the education they need for optimal birth and recovery.

Chloe has worked as a Physiotherapist for the last 10 years and gained her Bachelor of Health Science, Physiotherapy degree from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. Since then she gained experience working in both hospital and private settings across Auckland and Melbourne. Chloe has undertaken further education in Pelvic and Women’s Health to add to her areas of expertise.

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